Lilienstein, Holman, and Auguin on DVD!

Due to overwhelming demand, WSWDC arranged to have the following lectures recorded in DVD (video) format!

  • Saul Lilienstein: "Wagner, Mann, and Mahler" (Dec 2016)
  • Jim Holman: "Tristan and the Delights of Ambiguity" (Jan 2017)
  • Philippe Auguin: "Wagner, Flaubert, and Proust" (Mar 2017)

Now, not only can you hear their lectures, you can also see these distinguished experts as they explore the myriad confluences, connections, and correspondences among music and literature as well as the other arts, science, and philosophy!

Here are some unsolicited comments from one of our members:

I was expecting that those discs on Tristan and Mann/Mahler would be CD recordings. To my great surprise and pleasure they were DVDs! The resolution, sound, camera work and editing were all superb. These are gems that I will rewatch often.

Price: $20 for the first DVD and $10 for each additional. Order using the form below or call 703-370-1923 ... and ENJOY!

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