Company Prague Philharmonic Choir and Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor Armin Jordan
Director Hans-Jurgen Syberberg
Producer Corinth Films, 1988 (music recorded in 1982 by TMS Films)


Parsifal 1) Michael Kutler, 2) Karen Krick (sung by Reiner Goldberg) 
Kundrey Edith Clever (sung by Yvone Minton)
Amfortas Armin Jordan (sung by Wolfgang Schone)
Klingsor Aage Haugland
Titurel Martin Sper (sung by Hans Tschammer)
Gurnemanz Robert Lloyd


Costumes: Veronicka Dorn and Hella Walter;  Sets: Werner Achman;  Producer: Gauman;  Photography: Igar Luther; Editors: Jutta Brandstädter and Mariane Fehrenberg.

This is a film, not a staged opera production, with actors, not singers, portraying each character. The music comes from a recording of a Parsifal production which had been performed a few years before the film was made.