General Information

The Wagner Journal, a new (2007) journal, published in London, edited by Barry Millington, and distributed in North America by the Wagner Society of Washington DC, which also sponsors the Journal's Web site. "The Wagner Journal is a new periodical that seeks to examine Wagner and his works from a variety of perspectives -- musicological, historical, literary, philosophical and political -- and to illuminate the unique appeal of this endlessly fascinating composer. The journal aims to bring the questions surrounding the theory and practice of staging and performing Wagner to a wider audience, in that way furthering our understanding of his operas as theatre."

The Bayreuth Festival Wagner's own festival
Deutche Welle Bayreuth information from German television station, Deutche Welle
Isolde's Liebestod, a site devoted to recordings of Mild und leise, through recorded history, with photos and biographs of singers, music samples, and anecdotes.
Lotte Lehman, a site devoted to Wagnerian soprano, Lotte Lehman
Stefan Mickisch homepage of Bayreuth lecturer and pianist
Monsalvat Derrick Everett's excellent and comprehensive Parsifal page
Opera Glass an excellent source of Opera information

Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung an interesting overview, by Professor John Weinstock of the University of Texas, with information on the motivic and tonal structure, and a bibliography Richard Wagner et Bayreuth by Philippe Hemsen with photos of various productions and analysis, in French
Wagner's Operas A great resource for learning about Wagner's operas.

Deja News an archive of several usenet groups, which to some degree discuss Wagner. In the "forum" box, type the following phrase, minus the quotation marks: " .composers.wagner".  Put your choice of topic into the "subject" box, such as "Best Ring".  Press "Find" for results of the search!   Alternatively, use "", " classical.recordings", "", or "*"   (for all three recorded music groups).

The Wagner Library a source for Wagner's prose, correspondence, libretti, reviews, background essays, letters, and links to other sites. By Patrick Swinkels.

Wagner's page at the Petrucci Music Library.

Wagner's page at the Aria Database. - contains a lot of useful Wagner-related information, including the Wagner calendar, an up to date calendar of Wagner performances around the world.

Wagner's page at OperaGlass.
Wagner-Werkstatt a rich and informative German site, including libretti (in German).
Richard Wagner -- with sound and graphics -- but, brush up on your French!
The Richard Wagner Archive Hannu Salmi's page covering many aspects of Wagner and, our interest, his art

Other Wagner Societies

The International Wagner Association, containing a directory of all the Wagner societies, worldwide
Boston Wagner Society
Finnish (Suomi) Wagner Society
Flemish Wagner Society
Norwegian Wagner Society
Richard Wagner Society of Hanover, Germany
Richard Wagner, in Berlin, in German
Richard Wagner Society of South Africa
Swedish Wagner Society
Wagner Genootschap Nederland
Wagner Society of Dallas
Wagner Society of Great Britain
Wagner Society of Ireland
Wagner Society, in Minneapolis
Wagner Society of New South Wales
Wagner Society of New York
Wagner Society of New Zealand
Wagner Society of Northern California
Wagner Society of Southern California
Washington National Wagner Society

Opera Companies

Within the United States

The Arizona Opera Phoenix, Arizona
The Baltimore Opera Company Baltimore, Maryland
Lyric Opera of Chicago Chicago, Illinois
The Metropolitan Opera New York, New York
The San Francisco Opera San Francisco, California
The Seattle Opera Seattle, Washington
The Virginia Opera proclaimed the Official Opera Company of the Commonwealth of Virginia by the VA General Assembly in 1994. The Company has three home cities: Norfolk, Richmond, and Fairfax.
The Washington National Opera Washington, District of Columbia, our major local opera company, with Placido Domingo, Artistic Director

Outside the United States

Berlin Staatsoper Berlin, Germany
The State Opera of South Australia Adelaide 2004 Ring site
Wiener Staatsoper Vienna, Austria